Hey there, I’m Leanna!

I love capturing beauty in all shapes and sizes.

From the laughter of seniors to the love of couples, I strive to find beauty in all human connections and characteristics.

I specialize in natural light portrait photography for high school seniors, couples, and individuals in the Tampa Bay area.

Reach out to me to say hello or to ask about my availability!

Looking forward to meeting you,


Preparation tips for Senior Girl Photoshoot

Prep tips for Senior Girl Photoshoot     Being well prepared for your senior photo session can make the difference between average and awesome photos. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be well on your way to looking your absolute best. If you...

5 Questions to help you find a Senior Photographer

5 Questions to help you find a Senior Photographer   Are you a junior in high school? Have you found a Senior Photographer yet? So you can't wait to have a blast during your senior shoot, but where do you start? While shopping around for a senior photographer you...

Chloe | Lakeland, Florida | Lakeland Senior Photography

| Senior Photography | It's official, my first senior rep is Chloe. Maybe you have noticed her all over my portfolio because I have known her forever.  I am excited that she is going to be one of my 2018 seniors. She will be graduating from Lake Gibson High School....

Hannah | Poor Porker Lakeland, Florida | Lakeland Senior Photography

| Senior Photography | Meet Hannah, She is going to be graduated this year. I had the pleasure of meeting her during a Florida Film Takeover Meetup. When I found out that she was a senior and home schooled, I was like, Girl! You are going to get your senior pictures...

Florida Film Takeover | Lakeland, Florida | Film Photography

| Film Photography | It felt like just yesterday I started attending the Florida Film Takeover film photography meet ups. I joined during their 3rd meet in Dade City and now they have been an active group for a year. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend all the meets but I...
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