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Being well prepared for your senior photo session can make the difference between average and awesome photos. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be well on your way to looking your absolute best. If you have and questions of need help, feel free to contact me.


Have fun! We’re going to make you look great and you’ll have a great time. That’s why you chose Leanna Sutton Photography.
Also, Relax. I like to think that I’m easy to get along with. I am chilled, so there is no pressure here. Now let’s talk about your look from head to toe.


It’s all about you and your likes. Following the guidelines are just that, guidelines! I want you to be present.
Be fashionable. Wear clothing that’s stylish and put a lot of thought into your choices. This is a great opportunity for you to look you absolute best.

Hair and Makeup

Right now I don’t offer hair/makeup options. So this will ultimately be your responsibility.

If you want to curl it or leave it straight either is fine, just make sure it is washed. If you plan on doing a specific style like braids for a more boho look just let me know so I can plan accordingly. Keep in mind, hair style changes in the middle of your session can cut into your time.

Bring the extras like hair spray, clips, pins, or whatever else you make need to keep your hair out of your beautiful eyes. Brush and mirror are great for touching up.

Don’t make any drastic changes right before your photo session. Hair drama is never fun and we want you to be happy with your look.

Having your makeup done by a professional is the best thing to do. This will even out skin tones and help give your photos that extra pop. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup just let them know to put it on very lightly. Even a little can make a big difference in your images.

Makeup should be slightly darker than normal. Mascara should be clean, no clumps. Avoid SPF makeup because it will create a shine. Bring some extra translucent powder to your session for touch-ups and to help knock out some of the shine later.


This is where makeup helps a lot. I do retouch blemishes out of your images, so minor breakouts not a concern. If your acne is more severe, I still got your back (been there, done that). Because the process takes a little longer and depending on how many images, it might take a little longer for editing.


It’s best to wear contacts but if you can then glasses are ok. Most lenses have a glare. The safest option is to check with you eye doctor and ask if they’ll loan you a similar pair without lenses.


Embrace your braces. That’s who you are right now in your life but if you don’t want your braces in your photos I can remove them in Photoshop for an extra change. Like I said though, embrace them. If you are giving me a natural smile and not an awkward one then no one will even notice them. They will be looking about you great smile and eyes. I good smile goes a long way.


Bringing a lot of options is great. The more there is to choose from the better. Based on the location we choose during your pre-consultation, I create a little roadmap in my mind of different spots to shoot at. So having all those options available will help to make you and your location work.

Make sure your outfits are ready to go, no pile of clothes in a bag. Best to hang them to keep them wrinkle free. If the need to be ironed or steamed, go for it.

Be prepared to change on location and quickly, so think about how difficult your outfits is to change in/out of. I know there are some crazy strappy numbers out there. Plus the quicker it takes for you to change the more time we have to shoot.

Make sure you are comfy in your clothing choices and that they flatter you. This will ensure you will like the way you look in your images.

If you’re self-conscious about your arms, avoid wearing cap sleeve or sleeveless shirt and/or tank tops, they tend to make arms look fuller.

I don’t mind patterns but try to include some solids or natural looks. These choices may be useful for certain areas.

I love color, so bring a variety of colors and a mix of styles. By styles, I mean something dressy, dressy-casual and casual.

I love a good romper. So if a romper is one of your choices please make sure it is flattering to your body and not short or too revealing.

If you have your prom dress picked out, bring it along. Just let me know in advance so I can choose an Epic location.


Please make sure the colors of your undergarments match with your outfits or don’t show through your clothing. Bring strapless if you need them because tucking in or hiding straps may not work. It could restrict your movement or show.


Tan lines are super distracting and take away from your images. If you like to tan and go to tanning beds, try using different bathing suit tops that way it minimizes older tan lines. If you like to tan outside with the good ole’ fashion sun, don’t overdo it. Now for spray tanning, its ok just don’t do it the night before or the day of your session. We don’t want that “orangey” look in your images.

Jewelry and/or Accessories

Jewelry should be pretty low key and no statement pieces. Big and shiny jewelry can be distracting, and people viewing your image will look at that before looking at you. *hint* If you are going to have different jewelry to go with different outfits, put them in baggies and put them on the hanger with that specific outfit. This will save time trying to hunt down each piece later.

Other accessories like hats and scarves are totally fine just make sure they coordinate with outfits and are easy to find later during outfits changes.

Fingers and Toe Nails

If you paint your nails, make sure they’re done before your session. Chipped nail paint will show and we don’t want hidden hands in every shot. Also, try to avoid neon type colors that are really bright. We don’t want your nails to be the main focus.


If you are wearing an outfit that would look better with heels then bring then along. Heels will step up your session and wardrobe options.

Flats can also work well if you mix them with the right outfit.

Please don’t bring your flip flops. Yes, I know they are super comfy. I wear them all the time but substitute your flip flops for nice cute trendy sandals instead. Trust me nicer sandals look way better than flip flops in images.

Sneakers are pretty much a no-go unless we are photographing a sports related shot of they are some cute Converse or Sperry’s. Oh, and make sure they are cleaned up. Dirty shoes are not flattering.


Who doesn’t like them?? Props are great to show you who you are. Some awesome props are: sporting equipment, uniforms, musical instruments, and other activity related (dance, arts, clubs, hobbies, etc…)


Arrive early or on time to your appointment. Showing up late means you lose camera time, and that’s no Bueno.

If you’re coming from out of town, give yourself plenty of time to find your way around. We have lots of traffic in Tampa Bay so make sure you give yourself extra time for it.

Friends or Parents

Friends or parents are totally welcome and can be a big help. However, if they may be an unwelcomed distract, I may shoo them off until after the session. My goal is to have you follow the direction I give you. Sometimes I might assign your friend of parent a little task ranging from holding a reflector for me, tell a joke etc…


If you live in Florida you know our weather is very sporadic and all over the place. I’m not worried about the clouds or scattered showers so much. Just because it’s raining in one spot doesn’t mean it’s raining in another part of Tampa Bay.  I’m more worried if it has been raining all day. I can reschedule if you don’t want to take the chance of a scattered showers type of day call me at 813-690-3364 or we can be adventurous. If our adventure doesn’t work out then, of course, we can reshoot. We would have anyways, right.

Leanna Sutton Photography is a Tampa, Florida and destination portrait photographer who specializes in senior, couples, boudoir, elopement and portrait photography. Leanna is based in the Tampa Bay area, but travels worldwide, capturing light and laughter all over.

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